The band was founded in 2005 by guitar players David P. and Karel V. After couple months Jirka J. (keybord) and Honza K. (drums) joind them. In this line up they play a couple of instrumental shows.

In 2006, after a long search, Vojta S. as a vocalist and Tomáš Š. (bass) join them. In this completed line up the band playes tens of shows in Czech republic and abroad.

After a while SECRET OF DARKNESS release their first EP "...AND THE DARK BEGINS" (year 2008), that includes 6 compositions of melodic dark-doom metal and perform with HOLLENTHON and FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE.

At the turn of 2009 line up changed, when Tomáš Š. (bass), Honza K. (drums) and Jirka J. (keyboards) decided to leave the band. They were replaced by drummer Ondra O. and Tomáš J. on bass.

In 2010 czech leading metal label METALGATE showed interest in the band and SECRET OF DARKNESS signed contract on full-lenght album.

In June of 2011 the band recorded its debute album "(IN)HUMANITY" in ŠOPA studio. The CD consists of 10 compositions of energic blackened death metal with emphasis on melody. The CD was released in autumn of 2011. After that the band played shows with SODOM, ROTTING CHRIST, FREEDOM CALL, PARADISE LOST, ILL ŇINO, DEADLOCK, FIREWIND, PESTILENCE and others. In October 2011 a digipack edition of CD "(IN)HUMANITY" and was released and the band started to plan tour for support of their CD.

Next year is dedicated to intensive tour in Czech and abroad. As part of the tour the band played in Norway and Germany along with bands like SEPULTURA or PRO-PAIN. After a lot of shows quitar player Karel V. and Tomáš J. (bass) left the band. Karel V. was quickly replaced by talented Johnny and Deemon (MATER MONSTIFERA, ELEAMENT) started playing bass during live shows.

At the beginning of 2013, the band appeared on the first installment of the club festival HELLENIC DARKNESS, supporting ROTTING CHRIST. Afterwards, SoD appeared on other club shows as well as on summer festivals including BRUTAL ASSAULT, METALGATE CZECH DEATH FEST, or GOTHOOM in Slovakia. Around that time, the drummer Ondra left the band, with the vacant position being filled by Míra (ex-ISACAARUM). Iaan also joined the band on a permanent basis as the new bassist.

2014 was marked by preparations and production of a new SoD album. The band signed a new contract with their home label METALGATE, and then ventured into the ŠOPA studio to record what became "NEOTERICUS UNIVERSUM", the second full-length piece which was released in December 2014 and which the band is currently promoting.

This promotion includes appearing on more shows and festivals, such as WINTER METAL ASSAULT, HELLENIC DARKNESS 2015 or METALGATE CZECH DEATH FEST 2015 to name a few, as well as releasing their very first music video for the song "BLINDED" from the new album, which was shot in June.
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